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  Franchise Timeline: 2004 - To Present
Team Biohazard is where the roots of Custom Design grew from. In the spring of 1999 Danbom & buddy Greg Guswiler started their own DSU Intramural softball team after Greg's team didn't ask him to play in '99. The Biohazard did great from the get-go taking 3rd place in '99. In '00 Biohazard nabbed the title & repeated in '01. In '06 Team Biohazard took 2nd. Team Biohazard is the DSU Intramural team for those Team Custom Design members going to DSU.
In March of 2004 Heidi Herold(Danbom) talked to Danbom about starting a Coed softball team of their friends. Little did everyone realize how much fun they would have. Danbom picked up Army's West as a sponsor and the Army's West A's were born. In their 1st year the A's finished 2nd in the league at 9-5, & 9-8 overall. Their first trip to state in Fargo wasn't particularly successful but fun none the less. Read all about the A's inaugural season here.
The '05 A's had a banner year, but 6 games into the season things didn't look so bright. By the time the end of the regular season rolled around the A's finished 2nd again and set the team record for wins, going 10-4 & 10-7 overall. Another trip to Fargo, another 0-3 performance. Read all about how the A's turned around their league franchise record to become a powerhouse in the Dickinson Coed league.
In '06 came the biggest changes in the franchise. Gone was the Army's West Sponsor. In was Custom Design/Nodak Mutual/JD's BBQ. Team CD finished in their now more than usual 2nd place with another 10-4 record. But the regular season title comes down to the last game. But most surprising was Team CD's state tournament, going 3-1 and taking the Consolation Championship. Read all about Team CD's record breaking 13-5 season here.